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New tax year ahead…

As the current tax year comes to an end, and the new one commences from 6 April 2021, HMRC is running a couple of new webinars, designed to help employers with the year-end process, and to prepare them for anything new for tax year 2021-22.

The ‘Employers – what’s new for 2021 to 2022’ webinar can be accessed online, and will run on a number of dates throughout March 2021. The aim of the webinar is to provide employers with an overview of the key payroll changes to be aware of, from April 2021.

There is also a ‘Payroll: annual reports and tasks’ webinar, which discusses how employers should approach tax year end, in terms of:

  • Submitting final payment submissions

  • Issuing P60s

  • Setting up payroll records for the new tax year

There will be several live webinars, again, all of which will run throughout March 2021.


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