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Outsource Payroll - UK onshore payroll explained

There are many great reasons to outsource your payroll and we’ve got plenty of customers that agree… but I’ll keep it to one page!

Outsourcing payroll is cheaper!

Why? Economies of scale.

When processing payroll in house you’ve got two choices; employ staff or do it yourself…

You’re going to need an awful lot of payrolls to cover paying an experienced payroll manager on a full time basis though – then what happens if that staff member goes off ill?

By capitalising on the economies of scale we can supply you with a full time payroll department at a fraction of the cost simply because that staff members time is shared. Plus RollPay specialise in outsourcing payroll for accountants and white label payroll.

It also means we can produce a simple pricing structure that’s easy to follow so you know how to price payroll for your own clients.

Outsource payroll to regain your time

We always advise clients to concentrate on high value work and outsource the low value work – payroll.

You can mirror our pricing structure and simply add a margin on top for you. Meaning an easy profit from payroll is there for the taking.

Get more clients…

How do the bigger companies grow? They get out, network and promote their services. The term ‘play to your strengths’ has never been stronger than in this circumstance.

Payroll for most companies is simply a distraction from growing their business and working on high value services.

Do I want onshore or offshore outsource payroll?

Outsourcing work overseas has got its place for some industries and can be successful in certain circumstances, but a ‘long distance’ relationship is not for us. All our work is UK based and all payroll is processed in our Derby offices.


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