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Statutory Sick Pay

Updated: Jan 18, 2018

Statutory sick pay or SSP as its more commonly known is a payment due to employees who meet the below criteria

· Earn at least £112 per week before tax

· The employees period of sickness must last at least four consecutive days (these include non working days)

· They must have advised their employer of their sickness absence within the given time frame set out in their contract of employment

· They must provide a Sickness certificate or fit note if their absence lasts longer than 7 days

The current SSP rate for 2016/17 is £88.45 per week with the first three days being unpaid. An employee is entitled to paid SSP for a maximum of 28 weeks, if the employee has reached the 28 week maximum or is not eligible a SSP1 form should be completed advising why they are unable to be paid SSP.

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