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Everything is fully branded

to your business...

services designed just for you... 


We answer all your calls branded as your business, keeping your professional image.

We can take messages for you and pass on any accounts related questions.


We answer your emails responding to payroll and general queries as if based in your office.

We post and email payslips and reports with your company branding.

Payroll Bureau

We answer questions from your customers as if we're  part of your in house team.

We chase customers for hours, timesheets and more, all branded to your business.

  Rich in Features 

From self service payroll processing right through to our fully managed virtual payroll department. We have a solution for you.

email monitoring

We monitor your email address and manage all payroll incoming an outgoing queries. 

Holiday/sick leave

Always know where your workforce are... Employees can submit leave requests for approval. 

scale up

The are no limitations on the number of employees, companies documents or transactions.

paye & cis 

The system is both CIS and PAYE enabled offering the same features to both.


Timesheet & expenses submission with approval on permission based access. 

multi level access

Employee, Employer and Partner access all with permission based login restrictions as required.

self service portal

Input data, timesheets and approve changes. We can collaborate with your exisiting team on out platform

bacs payments 

We can process and make BACS and faster payments transactions.


Realtime interactive reporting on your terms on all data within the system.

powerful API integrations  

Our payroll portal has powerful API integration to save you time on bookkeeping and reduce processing errors.

Xero logo.png

XERO journal  integration

API based integration posting payroll journals direct to your account.


quickbooks journal integration

API based integration posting payroll journals direct to your account.

free advice 

Keeping up with legislation is tough, so we do it for you!

RollPay provide up to the minute advice and legislation updates to our Clients so you're always kept informed.
Emails and telephone support mean you're always covered when you need any help.


how would you?

Our service is fully designed so you can profit from payroll


Financially making a margin on our charges or increasing your available time allowing you to concentrate on growing your business or taking time out for leisure.


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Call us: 0800 131 0 131

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