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2022/23 Tax Card

Want to know the latest tax rates? Download our free Tax Card below which contains all the rates for the new tax year.

The full guide is available for free download below includes lots of areas including;

  • Stamp Duty

  • R&D

  • National Insurance

  • Property Tax

  • Investments

  • Pensions

  • Inheritance Tax

  • Vehicle & Fuel

  • Income Tax

There's lots more, here's some of our favourites;

* Entitlement to contribution-based benefits are retained for earnings between  123

and  190 a week.

** 0% for staff under 21 and apprentices under 25 on earnings up to  967 a week , or for

new employees in freeport tax sites on earnings up to  481 a week..

* Exemption applies if the state retirement age is reached by 6 April 2022.

* Tapered at a rate of 50% of excess income down to  4,000 if threshold income over

 200,000 and adjusted income over  240,000. Restrictions can apply based on

net-relevant earnings.

Subject to certain conditions, the unused amount of the annual allowance can be

carried forward up to three years and used once the current year annual allowance

has been fully utilised.

RollPay -Tax Card 2022-23
Download PDF • 5.12MB

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