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The last year has been challenging for all of us, let alone business owners who’ve had to claim emergency support and battled hard to stay afloat.

Having survived those choppy waters, maybe it’s time to get your business valued as thoughts drift towards an exit strategy or securing external investment to facilitate growth. It might be difficult to say what that value is from within your business. After all, you’ve put hours of hard work into building your business from the ground up.

But what does that translate to in monetary terms? A good place to start is to know exactly what it is you’re selling. That could be the name of your business and its reputation, or a lease on a premises you or your company currently own. Then there’s the type of business you are, the sector you operate in, any assets it holds, and the people who work there.

Those factors all contribute to your business’s overall value and its appeal to buyers. Like most things...

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How to Value your business
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