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New payroll portal!

We're excited to announce our new cloud processing platform. 


The new processing platform has been combined with our email system to provide a single payroll support station for you to enjoy from any device.

All clients will be migrated to the new platform over the coming months with all old platforms/softwares being retired.

Self service access, Faster payments processing, and an interactive portal!

The new system is rich in features meaning we can now offer self service access, faster payments processing, and an interactive payslip portal for everyone to access with multi level permissions.

Many of the key features can be found here there are also more are available so don't hesitate to contact us and discuss if you can't find what you need.


Existing clients can benefit from all the basic features at no additional cost. We're grateful of your support to date and wanted to give something back.

Those features include;

  • Fully branded portal for Employees, Employers and Partners

  • Online payslips (choice of design)

  • Online reporting (customisable)

  • Instant chat support

  • Fully scalable - no employee limits

Preferential rates are also being offered for the new services and features such as Faster payment processing, Timesheet/Expenses submission and HR functionality.


If you'd like a demo of the new features just ask in the support box in the bottom right of any page...

When's it happening?

The new system is being rolled out to clients now, it's a big job with clients being moved in stages. You'll be notified by your account manager when we migrate you.

You'll receive an email prompt to register for the portal when you've been migrated and you can login at the top of the website on the far right...

Once logged in you'll be able to view emails, ask for support, view payroll data and more. If you'd like early access to the email data only just ask and we'll get your request link sent out. The portal is locked down so you cannot register without an invite.


Will payslips look to the same?

Yes, we're matching payslips design where possible. If your layout is not available you'll be notified and able to choose a new design in plenty of time.

Can I still get reports?

Yes, all reports will continue to be available and lots more. For most clients the reports will look exactly the same unless you choose a new style!

Will my account manager change?

No, all account managers will remain the same throughout. You can speak to your account manager at any time about any concerns or questions you may have about the migration.


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