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Pensions FAQ

The Pensions Regulator (TPR) have been conducting spot checks across the UK in a bid to crackdown on non-compliance.

As a result employers who have not been compliant have been ordered to pay

missing pension contributions. These employers were ordered to pay and backdate any contributions back to the staging date within 28 days.

As part of the crackdown and enforcement by TPR, all employers who have failed to remain compliant have been named and shamed and publicly listed on the Pension Regulators website.


I'm the only director of my own company - do automatic enrolment duties apply to me?

If you are the sole director and you have no other staff working for you, the company does not have automatic enrolment duties. If you believe you don’t have any automatic enrolment duties you will need to advise The Pension Regulator.

I am a new employer, What date do my Duties start?

If you employed staff on or after 1 October 2017 your legal duties begin on the day your first member of staff starts work. This is known as your duties start date.

When can we use postponement?

You can choose to postpone automatic enrolment for up to three months for some or all of your staff. You must write to your staff to tell them you’re postponing automatic enrolment for them.

You can only postpone automatic enrolment from:

  • your duties start date or staging date

  • a staff member’s first day of employment

  • the date a staff member first becomes eligible for automatic enrolment (turns 22 and earns over £192 per week (£833 per month)

What is re-enrolment?

Every three years you’ll need to put staff back into your pension scheme if they have left it, and if they meet the criteria to be put into a pension scheme, this is known as re-enrolment. The Pension Regulator will write to you in advance of your re-enrolment date.

My employee does not want to join the pension scheme, do I have to enrol them as they are going to Opt out anyway?

All eligible employees must be enrolled into the pension scheme even if they are going to Opt out.

Can postponement be used at re-enrolment?

Every three years you must put eligible staff back into a pension scheme, this is called ‘re-enrolment’. You can’t use postponement at re-enrolment.

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