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Multi featured and cloud based ready to support your business...

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payroll features

A true cloud based system available on your terms. Login from any location with all information available when you need it.

multi level access

Employee, Employer and Partner access all with permission based login restrictions as required.


Full payroll and HR document storage. Send documents securely in any direction - employee to employer or vice versa.


Full timesheet submission and authorisation. Multiple shifts/sites per day. Employee or employer submission.

Holiday/sick leave

Always know where your workforce are... Employees can submit leave requests for approval. 


Expense submission and approval on permission based access. Supervisor/manager authorisation enabled.

paye & cis 

The system is both CIS and PAYE enabled offering the same features to both.


Break down, manage and record employees data into departments/groups 


The highest of GDPR compliance. No more email chains and lost documents or payroll data.


Realtime interactive reporting on your terms on all data within the system.



and finance

Self assessment and tax.

We have a suite of services available to help you. 

cis construction

CIS services to the construction industry including our self employed  status guarantee.

One hour turnaround! 

paye bureau  service

A part or fully managed PAYE payroll bureau for your business. 

BACS and faster payments available.

PARTNER services 

White Label outsourced services including payroll bureau, CIS management, bookkeeping, tax BACS and faster payments.  

accounts & finance services

You've worked to hard to build it, your brand is your biggest asset. To have your own company branded web portal for clients to use gives a professional impact and maintains brand continuity.


Tax returns

paye & cis bureau

bacs processing

self assessment 

outsourced partners

own branding

Our services are cloud based 

 All information is available to view, comment or collaborate with from any device.

phone support 

Free phone support UK based from our offices in Derbyshire. 

email support 

Our teams are ready to help you by email.

instant chat

prefer instant chat, no problem. Our chat is available throughout office hours.

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