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The P11D and P11D(b) should be submitted to HMRC by 6th July. The P11D contains information of any expense payments, benefits and facilities provided to employees or Directors. The P11D(b) is used to inform HMRC of the amount of class 1A National Insurance Contributions due on expenses and benefits an employer has provided for their employees.

Examples of what would need to be reported on a P11D

  • Accommodation

  • Company Cars and Fuel

  • Congestion Charges

  • Loans provided to employees

  • Mobile Phones

  • Personal Bills

  • Subscriptions and professional fees

  • Medical or dental treatment and insurance

2016-17 was the first year that benefits could be payrolled. If benefits have been put through your payroll you will still have to complete a P11D(b) to report the Class 1A NICs due on them.

You must provide a copy of the P11D to your employee which will identify the expenses and or benefits you have reported to HMRC

. If you have payrolled benefits you must provide your employee with a letter explaining what has been payrolled.

If you’re still not sure or don’t feel comfortable RollPay provide a complete P11D service.

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