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Jury Service

Do employees have to complete jury service?

Employees must do jury service when they are sent a jury summons form, unless they are allowed to delay it.

Reasons for delaying jury service could be

  • The employee has already booked a holiday

  • The employee is due to have an operation

  • The employer will not allow the employee to have time off work. In normal circumstances Employers must allow an employee time off if they’re called up to serve on a jury unless the employer thinks that this would have a serious effect on business.

Do employers have to pay staff for Jury service?

Employers don’t have to pay staff while they’re doing jury service, but many employers do. If employers pay their employees they cannot claim this money back.

What happens if you don’t pay your employee?

If you decide not to pay your employees they can claim a loss of earnings allowance from the court. The employer will need to complete a loss of earnings certificate for the employee, these are usually sent out with the Jury service letter.

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