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What is a declaration of compliance?

The declaration of compliance is a form that tells The Pensions Regulator what you've done to comply with your employer automatic enrolment duties. If this isn't sent to The Pensions Regulator within five months of your staging date/duties start date, you could be fined.

Previously employers and advisers used the government gateway to file the Declaration of compliance however from 14 April 2018 the Pensions Regulator stopped using the government gateway so all employers and advisers will now log in to the portal via TPR’s own system.

Below is just some of the information you will need to provide

  • PAYE Scheme references- If you operate more than one PAYE scheme you will need to provide details for each of them

  • Letter Code- This is a unique 10 digit code provided to you by The Pensions regulator

  • Contact Details- This includes your name, address, telephone number and email

  • Postponement details if a postponement period has been used

  • The number of staff you employed on your Duties start date

  • Details of your pension provider including the Employer Pension Scheme Reference (EPSR)

If you’re still not sure or don’t feel comfortable RollPay provide a simple declaration of compliance service.

Contact us today for an informal chat on 0800 1310131 or email



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