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Minimum wage when sleeping...

Minimum wage guidance has been updated to reflect the recent employment law cases with regard to sleep-in shifts.

“Sleep-in” shifts In sectors where workers are required to stay at or near their workplace given they are expected to

sleep for all or most of the period, but may be woken when required to undertake work. Such shifts normally occur at night but could occur during the day. If the employer provides suitable facilities for sleeping, minimum wage must be paid for time when the worker is required to be awake for the purpose of working, but not for time the worker is permitted to sleep. However, if suitable sleeping facilities are not provided then minimum wage must be paid for the entire shift.

This is different when workers are working and not expected to sleep for all or most of a shift.

Hope that clears it up!

If you’re unsure please contact us for further details on this and other payroll related questions.


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